4Dimension.Ca Website Assessment Service Options

  Our in-depth Website Assessment services are customized to fit your unique needs and meet your distinct objectives and goals. Our clients are growing businesses that expect a maximum Return of Website Investment (ROWI). We also work closely with Website designers and Internet service providers to add value to clients.  

Assessment Options Descriptions

Overall assessment

An evaluation of all aspects of your existing Website presence. At the end of the process we will provide you with our findings and recommendations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assessment

Full evaluation of your Website and how it is designed for search engine optimization

Competitors and market leaders Website analysis

An analysis focused how your business can stand out in your market using the Internet. We evaluate Internet trends in your market, and how your competitors leverage their business using the Internet

Visitor behavior analysis

An analysis using collected statistic data in order to define how visitors respond to your Website. We evaluate what information is interesting to them, and determine your conversion rate

Strategic planning

A customized plan based on your objectives and goals that identifies key features for your Website

 Services include

Service A

Service B

Time length per service

3 7 hours

5 30 hours

Our clients

Individual or small business

small or medium sized business

Presentation and discussion in person or by phone. Unlimited attendees



Written document in list form for future reference. An ideal guideline when strategically planning and modifying your Website by yourself or with a contracted Web developer



Service C

A complete assessment and strategic analysis and design

A comprehensive and all-inclusive research and analysis session. Includes all areas listed listed above.

Time length per project

20+ hours

Our clients

Small or medium sized business

Presentation and discussion in person with unlimited attendees

Meeting and further involvement in your Web project development

Written report with detailed description

An 10 to 30-page comprehensive document